Ideas In Hand

Ideas In Hand is a small startup company originally set up to provide a 3D modelling and printing service focusing on small-scale prototyping, development and production to encourage cost-effective product design.

Over the last couple of years I have researched and read up about what makes a small business successful, and how it can grow from one persons brainchild to a large thriving enterprise. With the original intention of applying this research to my own business, as would any entrepeneur, I have grown increasingly interested in the how and the why more than the actual doing.

The aim is to document and share my findings in the hope that you too can benefit from the information gathered, so that your journey into business can get off on the right foot with a strong foundation of knowledge.

As I start on my journey I feel a pressing urge to get my own ducks in order; financially I mean, to reduce as many other pressures as I can. This lead me to the term Financial Independence.

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