Financial Independence

Although many people just want to be rich, the phrase Financially Independent has a much deeper meaning for me. As it currently stands, rich to me is used to describe an abundance of money with little to no appreciation and no real objective other than to splash out on lavish things, whereas financially independent refers to the art of being the next step beyond doing pretty well for yourself, having the discipline to live within your means and no longer having to even think about when your next paycheck is coming in. Yes I know that secretly we would all like to be in a position of having too much money; if there is such a thing, and no I am certainly not suggesting it would be a bad thing to have this “problem”.

My goal in life is to get to the point where I have zero debts, a reasonable income, a suitable pot of savings and a handful of investments.Vague I know, but I’ve done that for a reason. Well…when I say reason what I actually mean is I don’t yet know what that actually looks like. But I do have the desire to find out.

So this is where my journey of discovery begins.

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