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As part of the learning process, especially when starting out, you will find the need to search all over the internet to find a means to resolve any little niggle you run into. Fortunately there is an abundant amount of information available and 3D Printing has a massive following. When it comes to the A8, there is a large following of people who have tried, tested and written about it.

More generally, there are a lot of hidden gems of information that you will no doubt come across when you get into a slightly less common niggle or can’t quite describe to Google what’s happening. In a bid to help you resolve these issues in a speedy manor I have compiled a list (in no particular order) of some of my go to websites (I will keep this list updates as and when I find new information)

For print quality issues irrespective of printer



Matter Hackers

If you are using Cura, it’s definitely worth giving their manual a read. Yeah I know you don’t want to be seen reading a manual but trust me.

For first/initial layer guidance

General Tips and Tricks

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