And so it begins

So it might be worth clearing up a few things. Firstly, I work 8-4 Monday to Friday as a Project Manager in the U.K. I’m currently in my late twenties with a degree in Aerospace Technology and my level of experience of 3D modelling goes as far as ice cubes and play doh; at least in the physical sense of being able to actually hold something I’ve made, using the term “made” very lightly.

Up until this point all of my learnings have focused on the more theory based simulation of made up objects which now just live on a file somewhere at my old University waiting to be deleted if they haven’t done so already. My weapon of choice was a student version of Solidworks which taught me the basics of extrusions, shelling, chamfering/filleting, and the importance of the fully dimensioned sketch.

Having spent a good part of my life so far tinkering and building stuff with junk and never actually getting anywhere I’ve decided in my early adulthood to try and rekindle my love for designing, tweaking and destroying… I mean constructive reverse engineering for continuous improvement. Yeah. Maybe. So that leads me to post 1 of my journey to do…well…that really.

Currently making its way around the world and no doubt travelling to more exotic places then I’ve been is my very first 3D printer. Despite all the warnings of over heating, short circuiting, missing components and a general need to upgrade and re-wire from the get go I opted to go for the Anet A8. Perusing the net I stumble across this £125 build it yourself 3D printer with free shipping courtesy of Bang Good. Instantly confused as to why the same printer on Amazon is “on sale” from £270 down to £215 and yet I’ve now found it for the low low price of £125. You let me down amazon my trusty go to for all my online shopping needs.

Of course with this confusion I was hesitant to proceed but I did my research and for once not a lot of negative opinions were splashed across the masquerade party that is the Internet. All seemed fairly normal even when speaking to real life humans with previous experience of the site in question.

Skipping forward a little bit it’s now on it’s way from Singapore on what I can only assume is a slow moving overpacked shipping vessel the size of a small town. I hate the waiting game.

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