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Although a significant portion of the machine control is done from g code generated by the slicer, there is still the need for you to complete actions using the LCD display and buttons built into the printer. For a number of users, this is likely to consist mostly of Home All, Pre-Heat, Mount Card and Print; however, there are other functions available that you may be able to find quite useful.

Starting at the home screen which the LCD reverts to regularly if there is a period of time between user inputs.

  1. Extruder Temperature – Current/Target and Heatbed Temperature – Current/Target
  2. Z: – Height of Z Axis (divide this by layer height to determine which layer is currently printing)
  3. TBD
  4. Printer Status (printer ready, pre-heat, idle, cool down, stepper disabled etc.)

Add the screens from below the main screen

To access the settings from the main screen you can either press ‘Enter’ or ‘Right’. This will take you to the Parent list of all the settings ready for you to navigate to the option you require.

  1. Quick Settings takes you to the main printer preparation options such as Home All, Preheat and Disable Steppers
  2. Print File is self explanatory. This will take you to the SD card for you to select which file you want to print.
  3. Position is a great option if you want to make controlled motor movements in the X, Y and Z axis as well as the extruder.
  4. Extruder settings allow you to manually set temperature targets for the Nozzle and the Heatbed. The remaining settings are ideal if you are using dual nozzles

From here you can either select an option using the ‘Enter’ or ‘Right’ buttons or return to the Main Screen using the ‘Back/Left’ button.

Starting from the top of the list, we enter the Quick Settings option.

  1. Home All is a command that tells each of the motors to locate themselves based on the position of the limit switches. Each axis will move individually until it makes contact with their respective switch. The X axis will finish its command in line with the bed.
  2. Speed Multiplier – I would advise not adjusting this. Speed settings should be set in the slicer software.
  3. Flow Multiplier – As with option 2 I would also advise only adjusting this setting in the slicer software.
  4. Preheat PLA orders the printer to initiate the heating elements of both the extruder and the heatbed. The default target is 190/50.

Moving further down the same page

  1. Preheat ABS provides the printer with the same instructions as PLA except the target temperatures are 260/100. (DO NOT print ABS or anything above 250 unless you have changed the extruder to an all metal one)
  2. Cooldown commands the printer to deactivate the heating elements and allows the temperature to return to ambient.
  3. Set to origin – not yet sure about
  4. Disable stepper disengages all the stepper motors. This allows you to manually move each axis as you need and is useful if you are calibrating/levelling the bed.

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